Golf 7 car key cover-Wholesale Custom

10 years production experience,through 12 process to get the perfect Golf 7 car key cover,high quality and inexpensive,more colors and styles to choose,protect the expensive car key/remote from scratches and dust.

Golf 7 car key cover-Wholesale Custom

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 Golf 7 car key cover-Wholesale Custom

Our factory have produced and wholedsale 4 kinds of silicone key cover fiting for Golf 7/Lamando/2017 Tiguan/New Superb/2015 OctaviaOur. They are made by 100% natural silicone and through 12 process,then we get the perfect  Golf 7 car key cover to protect the expensive car key/remote from scratches and dust,and make car key more beautiful and durable.There are more colors and styles to choose, beacuse we specialize in producing and saling silicone car key covers since 2006, high quality and inexpensive.

VW Golf 7 silicone key cover-Wholesale Custom

Fit for this car key/remote below

This silicone key cover fit for Golf 7,Lamando,2017 Tiguan,2017 Superb,2015 Octavia
Fit For:
Golf 7,Lamando,2017 Tiguan,2017 Superb,2015 Octavia

Product Description

Product Detial

Brand Name : RYHX®

Weight: 12.20 g
Thickness: 1mm
Material : Silicone
Process : Embossed
Available Colors : 14 colors
Main use : Make car key more beautiful and durable
Added value:Protect car key from scratches and dust
Place of Origin : Guangdong, China(Mainland)
Custom Order : Accept
Advantage : 10 years experience of producing customing

                             Golf 7 car key cover

Product's Photos Show

The  Golf 7 car key cover fit for riginal car key perfectly.3 holes and 3 buttons are accurate in place.

Golf 7 silicone remote coverTB2i19QmCBjpuFjSsplXXa5MVXa_!!674226207

Product Features Show

1.Softness and firmness test of  Golf 7 car key cover,as below: 


2.Burning test of  Golf 7 car key cover, as below:


Product's colors

Select your colors of  silicone key cover for Golf 7 car key cover from 9 colors below,more other colors can custom.


4 Kinds of Golf 7 silicone key cover
Our factory have 6 kinds of  Golf 7 car key cover fiting for VW POLO,select your model accoding to your VW car key,and you also can custom your style.

This silicone key cover fit for Golf 7,Lamando,2017 Tiguan,2017 Superb,2015 Octavia


Product's Package Show

The package of  Golf 7 car key cover is opp bag,then 1000pcs/carton. The carton's size:53cm*26cm*38cm.

Jetta key cover package

carton's size

Cargo Transport Security
Cargos Transport Security

Product Inventory Show

For hot  Golf 7 car key cover, our factory have enough stock to satisfy customers demand for fast delivery.So the inventory quantity of Volkswagen silicone key cover are more than 10000pcs.

The inventory of Golf 7 silicone key cover

Product's Process Show

Our factory keep improving and summarizing 10 years experience of producing and saling silicone key covers to get 2 kinds of highly efficient production process,as below.

According to the perfect design precisely molding,make sure the buttons and holes are just right.Then the buttons of  Golf 7 car key cover is made of debossed process,artificially dripping white paint into the groove.And the whole surface of the product is treated with smoothness,Make the touch better , more smooth and beautiful.
Firstly make the buttons of Golf 7 car key cover by dropping the white silicone liquid on the mold-Embossed process. Then according to the perfect design precisely molding,make sure the buttons and holes are just right.And the whole surface of the product is treated with smoothness,Make the touch better , more smooth and beautiful.If using this peocess,the cost will be a little higher.


Embossed Process :

Step1:Making mold,Step2:Mixing material,Step3:Cutting material,Step4: Embossed process(Dripping liquid silicone to make the buttons),Step5:Silicone molding,Step6:Trimming,Step7:QC,Step8:Spraying,Step9:Baking,Step10:Pinting the pattern customer request,Step11:QC,Step12:paking.

Debossed Process :

Step1:Making mold,Step2:Mixing material,Step3:Cutting material,Step4:Silicone molding, Step5:Trimming,Step6:QC,Step7:Debossed process(Dripping liquid paint to make the buttons),,Step8:Spraying,Step9:Baking,Step10:Pinting the pattern customer request,Step11:QC,Step12:paking.

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Wholesale or Custom Description

Q: What is your minimum order quantity?
A: Our Silicone Key Cover MOQ is 100pcs. Although on occasions we have produced orders for less than 100. However, for one of small orders costs are likely to be very high when considering material,making mold, printing, and labor costs.
Q: How can I get a sample to check your quality?
A: After price is confirmed, you can require samples to check our quality. Free for a blank sample to check the design and products quality, but you have to afford the express freight. It is too expensive to make mold, propose to confirm the design photo instead of the sample,so you can save costs. Final price will be confirmed according to the products’ craftwork.
Q: What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
A: 1)The sample car key/remote that the silicone key cover fit for
2) The button use which printing process(embossed or debossed)
3) Colors , the quantity and meterial
4)The silicone key cover design pattern(logo)
5) If it is possible, please also provide with pictures or design for checking. Sample will be best for clarifying, If not, we will recommend relevant products with details for reference.

Company Introduction

remote cover manufacturer

Company headquarters is located in Shenzhen. Covers an area of 3300 square meters;Office personnel 25 people, including 15 professionals proficient in many languages, 2 R&D staff has 15 years of making mold experience, 2 3D design staff has 8 years work experience, the transportation is convenient, 50 minutes drive from shenzhen yantian port, 70 minutes from shenzhen airport.

Factory is located in floor 1-3, Building C, No. 8, Xieping Industrial Zone, Wulian Community, Longcheng Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen. Covers an area of 3300 square meters.85 skilled workers, among whom there are 2 proofing master has 10 years of work experience, 3 QC has 10 years work experience;Every day can produce 5000 cartons.












Disney certified factory
Alibaba excellent supplier
Appearance patent 1
Appearance patent 2
Appearance patent 3
Appearance patent 4
Appearance patent 5

Purchase Notes

1.No Internal
This product is  just a silicone cover, NO internal (key / remote / electronics / transponder chips / battery) Included.Please compare the pictures with your car key/remote to make sure this silicone key cover perfect fit for your car key.

We only accept  the orders more than 100 pcs and silicone OEM services. If less than 100 pcs, the cost is too expensive.


Kind shooting, color proofing controlled by less than 5%: but still can not be completely consistent with the physical color hundred percent, if you are a hundred percent accurate color requirements, please buy with caution; subtle color does not return and the difference in assessment range.


In view of the shipping volume and phased payment payment method used, after the remaining 70 percent of funds to reach the account immediately arrange shipping logistics company.


Logistics problematic customers and friends, please contact customer service consulting exclusive.


Customers are advised at the time of receipt of the goods, face to face unpacking, inspection, sign. Goods found problems, please contact the sale, we will assist you in consultation with the logistics company handles.


Exchge can be 7 days. If you find serious quality problems may apply replenishment. Before applying, please in our online contact Customer Service staff.

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