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Factors affecting production of silicone products

14 Mar 2017 -

    As we all know that the product is made of silicone material called silicone products, which are known as its advantages of environmental protection and eco-friendly, then the silicone products are easy to produce and make it? It will be affected by factors?


1.Viscosity and hardness

Silicone rubber with 10 to 80 of the shore hardness range, so it is also to the designers have enough space to select the required hardness, used to achieve the function. Usually the viscosity and hardness is proportional to.

2.Tensile strength

Tensile strength is the force required to cause a piece of rubber material to be torn in each unit of scope.

3.Tear strength

Hinder the incision or Nick's resistance force to expand in the sample on the incision. Even after cutting in high torsional stress, thermal and sulfur type solid silicone rubber can not be torn.


The elongation range of thermal and sulfur type solid silicone rubber is between 90 and 1120%. The elongation at break of fluorine silicone rubber is between 699% and 159. Liquid silicone rubber in general elongation at 220 to 900% between. Different processing methods and the choice of curing agent can change its elongation to a great extent. There is a great relationship between elongation and temperature of silicone rubber.

5.Operation time

Operation time from the gel to join the curing agent of the moment to calculate. The operation time and the curing time is not completely behind the boundaries, from colloidal add vulcanizing agent at the moment have been vulcanization reaction, the operation time is 30 minutes of the vulcanization reaction products can not affect the quality of the finished products. So the operation of the product is to save time and the more favorable to the finished product.

6.Curing time

Some places will say that the cure time. That is to say, after such a long time the reaction of silicone basically ended. The end of this basically means that the product has been available, but in fact there is still a small part of the curing reaction is not over. So the use of silicone rubber products, such as silicone molds are usually put on for some time and then put into use.

    From now on we know that the production process of silicone products is complex,there are factors affecting production of silicone products, the engineers must strictly grasp the production of each details, only in this way can produce the satisfied products for customers.

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