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The hardness of silicone material-Shenzhen RYHX

16 Mar 2017 -

Silicone raw material hardness

When we make sample for customer ,we need confirm the color and hardness they want ,but not all customer clear with silicone material hardness ,now let's talk about this issue.


    Silicone rubber is available in a range or hardness levels, expressed as Shore A or IRHD between 10 and 70, the higher number being the harder compound. It is also available in virtually any color, and can be color matched.

Most of silicone products are 45~60 degree ,like cake mold ,ice tray ,phone case ,etc ,this hard range is easier for production.

For hardness lower than 30 degree ,the product will be quite soft ,material cost increase , so as production difficulty.

For 60~70 degree ,material get harder ,which cause a problem ,product break easily during demolding ,as harder material is fragile .

How to decide the hardness ?it depends on the usage of your product and also its structure.

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