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4 processes of Silicone Products

22 Mar 2017 -

    In recently year, more and more common products are made of silicone material, many people want to know the production and process of silicone products,you know the silicone is different from plastic, silicone is a kind of hot forming material, silicone raw materials in a certain temperature, curing the formation of the products we want.   

The forming process of silicone products commonly used are the following: 

1. the extrusion molding process

As we squeeze the toothpaste, section shape of extrusion die is also the product of a certain length, the stress and the effect of temperature, head out of product has been vulcanized. This process molding products are generally strip of products, product cross section can be a variety of. For example, rectangular strip, annular silicon tube, etc..   

2.glue craft

Silica raw materials for liquid raw materials, installed in the cylinder, pneumatic and manual operation of the raw material drops into the mold, heating vulcanization molding. This process is a manual process, need to place more. So the production capacity is not high. It has a feature, a product can be in accordance with the requirements of a variety of colors. So this process mostly for the production of crafts. For example, the multi-color silicone bracelet, silicone mobile phone sets of various colors and patterns, etc..  

3.solid hot pressing

This technique is to use the temperature and pressure of hydraulic machine, with the help of the mold vulcanization molding products out. This process is relatively low cost, high yield, the application is more common. It is more used for monochrome silicone products. It can also be applied to the product of the double color double hardness or the multi-color hardness, but the structure of the product is not flexible. It can also be applied to the package of plastic and metal package, the same structure is not flexible, but also for the package of objects have temperature requirements, the general requirements of the package object to be resistant to 180 degrees Celsius does not deform.       

4. liquid injection molding process

The technical requirements of the equipment with silicone injection machine, pressing machine. Its raw material is water thick, divided into A, B two components. Its principle is: the use of the A, B components of the raw materials in accordance with the 1:1 pressure to the injection molding machine mixing, through the mouth and then press it into the hot mold cavity forming. This process molding temperature is relatively low, 130 degrees can be. It can be used for plastic bag forming, which is not very high temperature, which is superior to solid state heat pressing. Its production is high, and it is easy to automate. But the cost of raw materials than a few times higher than the solid silica raw materials.

    From now on we can know the process of silicone products,however,no matter what kind of process,to achieve the performance requirements and low price that is the best process. 

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