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Removing the odor of silicone products

14 Mar 2017 -

    There may be friends in the purchase of silicone products will find it has some smell, to worry about this is not environmentally friendly. Silicone products for the taste, the taste is not harmful substances, no harm to the human body, silicone molding products mainly rely on this to catalytic molding. Mainly to some silicone manufacturers to save costs, the use of environmentally friendly, low-cost ordinary curing agent, rather than completely through the RoHS testing of environmentally friendly tasteless vulcanizing agent, curing agent is a catalyst to promote the curing of silicone raw materials, a catalyst, The silicone products will be volatile after molding, there will be only a small part of the residue, 48 hours will be volatile finished. So, how do we remove the odor of silicone products?

1. the product exposed to the air in 2-3 days, the taste will naturally be dispersed.

2. the silicone sleeve on the water soak 2-3 hours, most of the flavor can be dispersed. Can not simply think that the product has fruit flavor, it must be qualified. In fact, the less the product to add ingredients, the more guarantee.

3. the use of silica gel deodorant, can effectively remove the silicone or silicone rubber in the processing and use of resins and additives may be released from a variety of odor, improve the production environment of silicone products and environmental protection level, the use of low, in addition to taste High efficiency, easy application, environmental non-toxic, the market should be able to buy.

4. with salt vinegar foam, soak out ten minutes or so basic no taste.

5. one hundred and fifty degrees, bake half an hour can be in addition to taste.

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