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Are the silicone products better than plastic products

15 Mar 2017 -

    Plastic products almost be eliminated by shopping mall, because people are pay more and more attention to the safety, nowadays, many people choose to buy silicone products which is safety and environment friendly.  

Here are silicone products more advantageous than plastic products:

1.Feature:nontoxic,odorless,heat-resistant,hardy,waterproof,oil-proof,ozone protection,it have good performance when face the situation of electronic insulation,long time temperature change and  chemical changes, the material is stable and safe for people's health.

2.Purpose: it be used as accessories of medical supplies and food supplies,such as FDA safe standards, appliances and the accessories of electronic products and so on.

3.Silicone heat conductivity: high heat conductivity which is good material of CPU thermal foils ,bronzing rubber slab and rolls.

4.Heat-resistant silicone: the products with above 300. C heat-resistant.

5.Flame-retardant silicone:flame retardant property is able to reach 94-V0 grade.

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