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Wholesale silicone carkeycover from Shenzhen RYHX

21 Mar 2017 -

    In modern society, the car become the common vehicle for people, so many novel car accessories are loved by car owners, with the development of silicone industry, thus more and more car accessories are made of silicone material, such as silicone car key cover, silicone steering wheel cover and so on.

Silicone carkeycover

Be made of 100% silicone material,which is non-toxic tasteless and environmental protection,there are advantages in the following:

1.Very good protection your car keys and decoration.

2.High quality food level and eco-friendly silicone, odorless and no toxic.

3.Excellent matching the key size and accurate button position.

4.Please check the original car keys whether like the photo before you place the order.

5.Scratch protect and bring you a comfortable touch.

    Shenzhen RYHX Silicone Products Factory mainly products are silicone car key cover, silicone steering cover, silicone water bottle and other novel products. Our silicone products made of 100% natural silicone material, certificated by Disney,SGS,QS, conforming to all international standards. We also have experienced staff, first-rate technique, advanced facilities and devices, and a very strict quality control and management system. We can provide customers with the better quality products at lower price.